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We supply Haddock, Monk and Whiting on a daily basis from the fish markets at Peterhead, Shetland, KLB, Scrabster, Fraserburgh and Aberdeen. With our stringent eye for quality and detail we only buy the best fish on the market leaving lesser quality fish for other buyers.


Haddock (Melanogrammus Aeglefinus) is the most important demersal fish species to Scottish Fishermen. There are three stocks of haddock, North Sea, West coast and Rockall which contribute to Scottish landings. Haddock accounts for around 35% of all demersal whitefish landings into Scotland.The North Sea fishery is by far the most significant; around 90% of haddock is landed into North Sea ports. A variety of types of trawl nets and seine nets are used to catch haddock. We supply Haddocks whole filleted and counts.


There are two species of Monkfish  (Lophius piscatorius and Ophius Budegassa) caught in Scottish waters; catches are almost exclusively of the L. piscatorius species. The stock is considered to be continuous across the northern shelf surrounding Scotland.Monkfish are caught in a variety of mixed fisheries from shallower water nephrops grounds in the North Sea to specialist continental shelf edge fisheries where ground nets are utilised. We supply monk whole, tails or fillets.


Whiting (Merlangius Merlangus) is one of the most numerous and widespread species found in the North Sea, and is one of the smaller gadoid fish species that is of importance to Scottish Fishermen. There are two main stocks, the North Sea and west coast, that contribute to Scottish landings. A variety of types of trawl net are used to catch whiting.We supply haddock whole, fillets bock or singles, and counts.

All of our fish is then transported via refrigerated vehicles to our state of the art processing plant (EU App NO. UK AA 084 EC) , where it is then filleted and packaged to our customers specifications before making its journey overnight. Our fish travels as far as Germany and the South of France and we welcome enquiries from both the U.K. and farther afield.


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